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a brief description of the ILS, and the applet used;
We start with an introduction to the question: What is the impact of the concluded climate agreement?
Then we activate the prior knowledge from the 3rd class of the subjects exotherm / endotherm and draw up reaction comparisons. This is done on the basis of 2 films.
To see if the prior knowledge is actually understood, we used 2 quiz tools in prior knowledge 3rd class tests. 1 for making test comparisons correct and 1 for testing the terms endothermic and exothermic. At the end we ask an open question to describe the terms endothermic and exothermic in their own words.
The research is followed by the Go-labs "Collision Theory" and "reactions and reaction speed of PhET". We have opted for these 2 Go-labs to let students investigate the influence of types of dust, temperature and concentration through the particle model. With the collision theory we help the student to do this in a structured way by giving a table of variables and seeing what happens with time when you change variables. In the 2nd applet, the students can do the research themselves. Then we added a document where everything is briefly summarized and which they can read again.
Ultimately we test the knowledge gained with a quiz tool. If the students want to practice even more, we have added a link that leads the students to more assignments.
In the theory sheet we teach the student new concepts, namely formation heat / decomposition heat / reaction heat / energy balance and energy diagrams. We test the theory on the basis of 2 assignments.
As homework we give the students the following question: Is it feasible to replace natural gas (methane gas) with only wind turbines?

Prior Knowledge Requirements

basic knowledge of chemistry from class 3HV, being able to draw up reaction comparisons

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