The significance of the ILS is defined by the
demand for the new up-to-date knowledge and abilities of the students, in particular for
their understanding of the importance of the Large Hadron Collider in the
natural sciences development, understanding of it’s practical application
and of the processes which are taking place in the working Collider.

Students learn about the purpose, working principles and application of the Large Hadron
Collider using CERNland Labs. Work with the information and respond to
problematic questions in the method of 6 hats of thinking.

At the research stage, students create an active mechanical model of the collider, which reproduces the main components and allows for experiments with particles (balls)

 Creation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) resulted in the revolutionary discoveries in science
and research of the Universe. Nevertheless, the great expenditures of the countries
CERN-participants cause the controversial estimations of the expediency of such investments and the security of the research. Did the experiments conducted by LHC justify the hopes of scientists, and would it be expedient to improve them and restart the collider?

We will work with the use of 6 hats of thinking. Read the information. Join in groups according to your chosen hat (white, black, yellow, red).

Managing Blue – what is the subject? what are we thinking about? what is the goal? Can look at the big picture.
Information White – considering purely what information is available, what are the facts?
Emotions Red – intuitive or instinctive gut reactions or statements of emotional feeling (but not any justification).
Discernment Black – logic applied to identifying reasons to be cautious and conservative. Practical, realistic.
Optimistic response Yellow – logic applied to identifying benefits, seeking harmony. Sees the brighter, sunny side of situations.
Creativity Green – statements of provocation and investigation, seeing where a thought goes. Thinks creatively, outside the box


Prior Knowledge Requirements

Structure of atom

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