This ILS is an open-school activity targeting secondary schools, based on the Open Schooling Approach.  The aim is for students to be aware of how much energy they need in their daily lives, where that energy comes from and how they could contribute to a greener planet by using energy more efficiently and by choosing renewable energies when possible. Going one step further than that, this activity will also lead students into sharing their work with the community, raising awareness and promoting change.  This ILS is designed to be adopted as a project. The duration and depth of the project can be defined by the teachers.

Our agents will learn about energy waste in our streets, in their household as energy consumption and imagine how they can save energy at home and in their daily lives, and what changes could be made to use more renewable energies.

Finally, they will create a plan to reduce the use of energy and include solutions to use more renewable energies.

After their work is done, they will share their ideas.

Learning Objectives

  • Raise Awareness about unnecessary energy expenditure
  • Find alternative solutions to the energy problem
  • Understand various sources of energy waste in our daily lives
  • Imagine tangible solutions for saving energy
  • Understand the limitations of renewable energy

This activity is a standalone activity, although it can be combined with the ILS “Renewable Energy Activists”, which follows the social-economic approach. The student's experience can also be enriched with the ILSs "Renewable Energy-Good Winds" and "Renewable Energy-Here Comes the Sun", that focuses on the science of renewable energy. 

  • The ILS design is following the principles of the universal design for learning (UDL) for inclusive learning.

Reviewer: Eleftheria Tsourlidaki

This activity was designed in the framework of the InSTEAM project.

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