This inclusive environmental ILS was designed implementing the scientific impact approach. Students are introduced to the importance of electricity in our daily lives and its impact on the environment. They are introduced to renewable energies and the efforts in place to speed up the transition to these sustainable model for producing the energy we need.  The main focus of this ILS is in the solar power generation.  Students will be invited to embark on a mission to select sites where populations can most benefit from such form of energy generation. They will learn about the importance of climate, the proper construction of the solar panels, the impact of the different seasons in different regions of the planet. They will collect various types of information and in the end produce a report with their findings. 

     Learning Objectives

After this activity, students should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of renewable energy
  • List the factors that influence the installation of solar panels
  • Understand the importance of factors such as climate and seasons on the production of energy coming from solar panels 

This activity is a standalone activity, although it can be combined with Socio-Economic, Open Schooling - Energy Activists. They can integrate elements of the Open Schooling ILS - Renewable Energy Agents and also the Cultural ILS - Renewable Energy - Overcoming Cultural Barriers. 

The ILS design is following the principles of the universal design for learning (UDL) for inclusive learning.

Reviewer:  Nikoletta Xenofontos

This activity was designed in the framework of the InSTEAM project.


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