This ILS is based on the learning materials developed by Lisette van Rens of the VU Amsterdam. Adapted by Henny Leemkuil, (Department of Instructional Technology, University of Twente). In this ILS students will:

  • Gain knowledge about the chemistry of acids and bases and on the process of diazotation.
  • Gain knowledge on the production of methyl orange in a micro reactor.
  • Judge the accuracy and reliability of research.
  • Design a 'fair' inquiry, measure accurately, determine whether measurements are reliable and lead to valid conclusions.
  • Be part of a simulated research community and gain knowledge on peer discussion.

Pre university students will use a remote lab with real equipment. They can operate the micro reactor from their own computer and can see what they are doing by means of webcams that are situated around the micro reactor. Students have to make a reservation to use the lab for 50 minutes. The ILS will take several lessons and involves homework.


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