The Universe that appears colored suggests questions, orients find answers and to build knowledge in the year of light (IYL 2015). Students living in a universe of colors infer “causality from observation” looking for the cause of something happens .

Promote of STEM interest (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is one of EU objectives along the XXI century. The reason: need to create an European space oriented towards demands of workplace at future. The universe of colors and smart materials are part of this near future of this Europe in which we are engaged



We live in a universe of colors. Artists create colors. Colors mobilize emotions. STEAM knowledge create products change colour with temperature, inform us of meteorology and of conservation related to humidity. Colour underlies language learning.

Primary School students (9-12 years old) capture the colors of light and make inquiry . Working different scenarios, students become aware of different skills/abilities/talent, develop multiple intelligences, and do creative production knowledge.

Prior Knowledge Requirements

Basic knowledge of light (ILS "Starlight tell us"). Reflexive attitude.

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