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AC / DC lab provides remote access to low voltage AC source, 1 phase rectifier, 2 phase diode bridge - Gretz rectifier, consumer with 3 resistance values (220Ώ, 470Ώ and 1kΏ), 3 values (220μF, 470μF and 1000μF) filtering capacitor and graphic display of output voltage.

AC selection presents AC signal on display.

Selection of 1 or 2 phase rectifier presents rectified AC signal without selected consumer and filtering capacitor

Selected 1 or 2 phase rectifier combined with selected value R of consumer and selected value C of capacitor, produces more or less pulsating output voltage on display. 

Experimenting with selected 1 or 2 phase rectifier with selected values of R and C shows the influence of selected rectifier type and selected RC values on obtained output voltage.

Display can be adjusted by changing the dots number and measurement time span by introducing delay between measurements.

The first user reserves access to experiment for 30 seconds, after which the experiment becomes available again.


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