The Radioactivity Lab examines the intensity of radiation over distance, demonstrating the effects of the inverse square law. Students investigate the intensity of radiation being emitted from a radioactive Strontium-90 source, by setting distances at which a Geiger counter measures radiation, and collecting radioactive particle counts at each of these distances. A table holding the radioactive source is rotated until the source is aligned with a hole in a thick lead plate. The head holding the Geiger-Muller tube is moved to these distances from the radioactive source. Students receive data in the form of a .csv file to be analyzed in Microsoft Excel, or a similar data analysis tool.

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This works great!  Thank you very much for making this resource available!

Actually, I can't figure out how to get the data in the form of a .csv file.  I only seem to be able to download image files of the graphs.  Please advise when you get a chance.

Thank you very much for this beautiful experimental setup!It works perfectly and it is particularly useful during this Covid-19 emergency periodin which the laboratories of universities in Italy are not accessible for students.It would be great to add the possibility to download data in csv / txt / xml

This is one wonderful resource; thank you for making this available!

How to get started with this program?

I'm probably not very smart, but how to get started with this program?